Gastro Lightbox for RapidWeaverLazy Loading Demo

Limelight Lazy LoadingAbout this demo site

This pages on this site were lazy loaded as soon as the home page had finished loading. This happens in the background and the user never sees the delay.

When you click the links in the menu above, the pages will display immediately as they were already loaded and ready to display despite having a lot of images on them.

In addition, we can have a nice smooth transition between pages and not reload the main menu and header thanks to the "Lightbox in Section" feature of Limelight. We will open the other pages in a lightbox that displays in this very section of the page. It only becomes a full screen modal for small screen sizes.

What about SEO?

SEO is unaffected because all the pages that we are lazy lightboxing are normal pages on this site. They have a normal URL and are searchable pages in their own right.

What is more, the pages have a menu on them that can return them to this site home page should the visitor use thir individual URL's. The clever part is that this menu is not shown when they are displayed on this page thanks to the Limelight Vis stack. This hides its content when displayed inside a limelight lightbox. For example here is the link to the Ground Floor Page which will display a menu to get you back to this page but ONLY when it is not inside a Limelight.

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