ScrollMate 2 Public Demo Project

You can download this project here

It is made with the totally Blank Theme from Joe Workman so that you can
copy and past elements into your chosen theme as required.

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Add stylish and subtle animations to any project you work with.

ScrollMate has long been the most flexible scroll animation stack available for RapidWeaver. Now version 2 brings some of the most requested features from the past three years. Fully useable on touch devices, now supporting percentage and screen size based units and additional timing controls on the existing easing settings, ScrollMate2 is a huge step forward in usability and Refinement.

Stacks for RapidWeaver

Grow RevealCouresty of Geoff Taylor






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Bubbles Float then disappear

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Animated Scene

Simple scroll triggered and proportional events
Courtesy of Geoff Taylor.
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Flying in blocks

On the left: Eased in after a "trigger" at 34% of the browser height (Start & End both set to 34%)
On the right: Eased in after proportionally between 20% and 70% of the browser height
Scroll Slowly to see the difference clearly

Foreground Parallax with background swipe reveal

The background swipe reveal is just a ScrollMate with a white background child stack that is placed over the parent BluePrint
using the Advanced Positioning child - set to position Absolute and 100% high, 100% wide.
This is then simply slid off screen as we scrol, revealing the image below.
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