SlideUp - Reclaim Your Screen Real Estate

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Hide Your TopBar

Focus On Content

SlideUp from Big White Duck gracefully hides your TopBar as you scroll down the page.

Scroll back up a little and its right back where you need it

Ideal for sites where you want your content to be the focus and not the navigation.

ScrollUp also works to animate other elements and other menus on Scroll, you can drop in anything you like


There are 4 animations to choose from:

Swing (as on this page)




Fixed or Sticky

SlideUp is fully compatible with Sticky TopBars

Touch Screen Compatible

Touch screen detection built in to suppress 3D animations when they are incompatible.

Choose either from either 2D or no animation.

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Built for Foundation

TopBar Ready

Because Slide comes from
Big White Duck you know that it is Foundation optimised.

Also works with any other header content that you wish to use

Peformance Optimised

SlideUp uses super smooth CSS animations for the best possible user

Don't Forget

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TopBar transitions on scroll

See the Demo at:

Big White Duck Demos

Stacks Used On This Page




Header Plus

Paragraph Plus

Foundation TopBar and Columns

The TopBar you see above just uses Grummage, standard Foundation Stacks and some CSS for Media Queries.
Work it out if you can but this project will not be available as a download so please don't ask!