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This entire page is made with ONE SCRIBE STACK on the page AND A TOTALLY BLANK THEME (zero styling or framework).

Scribe Header Image
Scribe Header Image


The one stack page


This is the Scribe stack for RapidWeaver. If you like ParagraphPro then you are going to love Scribe. It has all the same great utility features such as Readmore, Drop Capitals and Floating Images all within a Markdown container.

Scribe allows you to write VALID multiple paragraphs, all in one stack. What is more, you can simply and easily appy the Utility Features to any or all of these. This paragraph for example has a floating left image, but is not a separate paragraph stack, it is just text within a single markdown stack.

The blank theme is not a blank version of a framework so it contains absolutelty nothing, no CSS, no JS.. nada, nowt, nothing. Everything you see is made using ONE SCRIBE stack on the page, not multiple copies of the Scribe stack - just one.

What is more, almost everthing will appear rendered and formatted IN EDIT MODE so it is super simple to see what you are creating.

Remember, you don't even need to know markdown to use Scribe, it helps but you can do some pretty amazing things with just plain typed text.


Drop in replacement for paragraph stacks

Why be limited to one paragraph per stack? Scribe allows you to have multiple paragraphs, all with valid HTML tags in one stack. You don't need to know the markdown syntax to use this, simply press enter twice each time you need to start a new paragraph.

All your familiar styling controls from ParagraphPro are present but you can now apply Drop Caps to just certain paragraphs, you can insert multiple floating images and you can have Read More functionality on any or all of the paragraphs, all in one stack


Yes, you can even use CSS columns within a section of a Scribe stack. As well as the standard control to columnize the whole stack there is a new Template control. This allows you to specify certain parts of your markdown that you want to appear as columns.

Columnize Setting
Columnize Setting

Simply enclose the content that you want to columnize between curly braces

{{  Your Content Goes Here - It can be one or more paragraphs or anything that you like. Paragraphs, Headers, Images, Quotes etc etc }}

...and this is the result:


|Qui nunc loqueris? Ecce qui cogitatis? Vos scitis quanta ego faciam annum Id est, ut ego dixi vobis non credunt. Scis quid si ne subito placuit ire in opus?

Negotium sufficere posse recensentur in NASDAQ vadit ventre sursum. Perit! Non est amplius extra me existant. Non, manifeste tu scis nesciunt qui loquebantur, sic fiat mihi fila vobis ego sum nolite ingredi in periculo Skyler. Sum in periculo! Ut sagittis metus aperit ostium, et arbitraris me et habet? Non ego sum ille qui pulsat!

|Locutus est tibi? Respondeo dicendum esset iustus? Quæ? Quem populum? Mensis abhinc Gus occidere vellet uterque. Et nunc, utatur LAB et trahit vos de ... quae ... a socio gunman? A lenta guy? Numquid aliquo tibi Et dicit quod videt te. Qualis est is lascivio venatus. Putat quod surdus es? Non potest vere putes quod oblito ... nedum Gale, nedum Victoris ... quod pertinet ad omne nefas et qui.

Columnize Setting
Columnize Setting

Suus satis. Quod etiam optime. Vos ite post eum, fistulae, nunquam vivum exire ab ea. Sed cum hoc ... excidit tibi in cibo aut in potu, aut: olefac Elegantioris non sit ... triginta sex horae post ... Poof. Vir aetatis operantes, dura sicut facit ... nemo mirabatur. Mike suspectas habere possunt, sed quod omnes illi eris. Obsecro, unum homicidam maniaco tempore.

|Ecce dabo Pinkman Isai OK? Sicut locutus est tibi, et datus est, et hic sine Semper consequat volumus ... et ille in urbe ista licet? Et infernus, ubi tu non Virginiae ornare vel ipsum. Ut enim Albuquerque et ille eum iure hic, et ego ducam te ad iustitiam. Quid dicis?

At nolo de me ipso turpis. Ut nullam curae. Scis quid mihi quod infernum sit amet nunc magis animum, nunc eros eget quam cogitatione emptio damnat. Purus? Sic, si fieri justi ... amabo.

^And yes it works with custom placed Drop Caps and even Read More as well. See, I told you so, there is more text hidden away in this readmore link and it is all done without dropping stacks everywhere. Just a simple ^ character at the start of the paragraph and we enable Read More for it.


Pull Quotes

Scribe has a dedicated Quote Styler stack that allows you to customise the look of pullquotes (blockquotes) in many different ways. There are controls for repsonsive sizing, positioning and of course a ton of styling options.

Scribe pull quotes can be styled just as you like. You can even apply a DropCap child to target quotes. There is full and independent control of the font used for quotes and the optional quotation marks.

Fluid Type

Scribe can use your existing themes old fashioned responsive text settings or you can enable the Fluid Type child stack to perfectly space your prose.

Fluid Type will not only provide vertical spacing to preserve vertical rhythm but will also size headers automatically in proportion to the text size selected for 4 breakpoint controlled sized. Unlike traditional responsive text though, fluid text adjusts continuously with the browser. The character height and inter-element spacing always remain perfecty in proportion.

Super Easy to set up

Unlike lots of complex breakpoints and font size controls, Fluid Type allows you to simply set a base font size for each breakpoint and a scaling ratio for headers. What is more, image margins, horizontal riules and other layout elements will scale as well using the same proportions; truly fluid.

Or use your theme...

Without the Fluid Type option enabled, Scribe will of course use you theme settings for sizing and spacing just as any other stack does.

Code Styling

Fenced code block

This is some code  in a fenced block

Some code that is not fenced

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