Get Scribe

the flexible

text stack.

Concentrate on your content and not multiple text stacks. Produce better HTML for your finished page without any effort.

Works in

edit mode

Because Scribe uses Stacks' built in markdown processor, all your formatting and HTML output is rendered live in edit mode.

Mixed content is easy.

Bring together headers, paragraphs, lists and images. The resultant HTML is valid and clean.

Don't know markdown? Don't worry, Scribe is an ideal multi paragraph stack as well.

Stylish and powerful

Scribe style child stacks allow you control everything from fluid type to beautiful blockquotes.

New Book Set type style for indented paragraphs and conventional typographic presentation.

Familiar Pro Features

Read more, drop capitals, floating images and column text.

Everything you love from Paragraph Pro but in a markdown compatible stack.

Fewer stacks, more control.

Make nicer more readable content.

Scribe does it all.


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