Advanced features

via templating

Use less stacks on the page, don't sacrifice control of features.

Supported Features

Scribe's simple templating allows you to insert features wherever you want in the flow of your text.

The template characters are shown below but the best way to learn is to check out the One Stack Page part of this site in the downloadable demo project.


To insert columns amongst other conent simply place the text between {{ and }} double braces.

Drop Caps

You can make any word start with a drop capital by inserting the pipe character | before the word.

Read More

You can make any paragraph collapse with a Read More expanding link by placing a character ^ before the paragraph.

Floating Images

You can use as many floarting image child stacks as you want. In the settings you can select where each one should appear within the Scribe content.

Fewer stacks, more control.

Make nicer more readable content.

Scribe does it all.


Big White Duck Stacks.