Finally, write text

how you want to.

For creative writing, prose and other informative text, you can choose between traditional book or web presentation styles .


Webset type is the default. Your paragraphs will look and feel conventional for the web, just like other paragraph and text stacks.

Simple Settings


Scribe produces multiple paragraphs of properly formed HTML rather than Styled Text with a series of line breaks in it.

This means that with one stack on your page, you can correctly space and format multiple paragraphs. Vertical rhythm is correct and it is quick and easy.

Don't know Markdown?

Just Type.

Just use Scribe like a normal Paragraph stack. Type your text, separate paragraphs by pressing Enterand you're good to go.

The big difference is the output. Scribe uses Stacks 3's markdown processor to render semantically correct paragraphs that you can see live in edit mode and preview.

The paragraph spacing and page layout of your theme will be respected and there will be no line break HTML the spoils the vertical rhythm and flow of your page.

Fewer stacks, more control.

Make nicer more readable content.

Scribe does it all.


Big White Duck Stacks.