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Grummage for Stacks 3

Whats New

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Content Control

Grummage always allowed a wide variety of content and background widths. Now they are all available on one dropdown. No more complex combinations of settings.

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Easier but more powerful

Thanks to Stacks 3, Grummage is now even more powerful but easier and more intuitive to use

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Improved Peformance

Several features have had a total overhaul.

Vertical Centering in Grummage 2 columns is now equalize height compatible and much more robust.

Column control, padding and backgrounds are now super easy to use

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New Width Controls

The complex combinations of settings in the old Grummage are now replaced by one dropdown.

When in Full Width mode if you want normal site width content, just select it. No fixed width or alignment issues - columns just behave as they would on the page body.

If you want full width content columns then just select it. You don't need to mess around with the contained columns setting them all to full width too.


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Column Quick Styles

If you need to add a color to a column background then just enable Quick Style in the column setup. Stacks 3 opacity colors make it easy.

You can clip the background to the content too rather than the whole column - great for attention grabbing headlines.

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Advanced Features

While Grummage stacks are easy to use for novices, they offer a tremendous amount of customization for advanced users.

To get the most out of them, learn about the structure of Foundation Rows and Columns, this is essential knowledge that you should have.

Custom Classes are exposed on every Row and Column to allow simple CSS styling of all elements. See the 2 Column page for just a couple of ideas.