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Major Features

Proportional Settings(Percentages)


Under the hood
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A major re-write.

ScrollMate 2 has had a huge makeover of its code to enable the use of percentage units whiile keeping the performace just as good as before.

There is actually much less code written to the page than with version 1 despite all these improvements. You can read why ScrollMate 2 is so efficient in this faq article

Hide after animation
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Hide "only once" content.

If you select the "Only Once" animation feature you can now specify that the ScrollMate 2 contents are hidden once they have left the screen.

Only once has always been a great way to keep your pages from getting too busy. Now you can hide things that are once only floating effects. The "info bubbles" on the home page of this site are an example of it in practice.

Allow click throughs
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Great for overlays

The allow click throughs feature has made its way over to ScrollMate 2 from Sections Box.

This means that if you are fading in an overlay as something scrolls, links and buttons will still remain "clickable". Essentially, this feature makes the ScrollMate stack and its contents "transparent" to mouse clicks.

Page wide control
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No animations on touch devices.

There are now 2 versions of this checkbox. Once that only affects the current stack and one with a blue background that will affect ALL ScrollMate 2's on the page.

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ProStyles Integration
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Backgrounds and overlays.

You can now use the Background and Overlay child stacks with ScrollMate 2. This is great for making overlays that fade in as you scroll just like the one on the home page header of this site. Use it along with the Float feature for maximum flexibility.

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