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What are the differences between the ButtonPlus Dropdown and the PopDrop integration?
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Integrated Dropdowns

ButtonPlus 2 dropdowns are tightly integrated. This includes style inheritance for links, open and close animations.

Crucially, dropdowns will transform to an accordion menu for mobile when used in the ButtonBar or ButtonGroup stacks.


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PopDrop is super easy to use with ButtonPlus 2 by just adding it as a child stack. No data attributes are needed in links, it is all totally automatic.

Popdrop can give you more effects and background styles than BP2 dropdowns but it will not automatically change behavior for use in mobile menus.

When should I use Dropdowns vs PopDrop?

Mega Menu in a mobile friendly menu bar

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Gives a lot more control of the responsive behavior and will automatically transform into an accordion menu for smaller screens.

Multi level dropdown menus

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Super easy to set up and fully automatic positioning.

It is possible with PopDrop but there is a lot more setup required.

Multi column dropdowns

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Dropdowns have a dedicated column child stack that is specially designed for layout in menus. Foundation columns can be used but are not as flexible.

Stylish Links

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BP dropdown links can all be styled together and are genuine link stacks. Making link lists in PopDrop means using Paragraph stacks.

BP dropdown links can be set to Heading mode and can have badge images.

Popover Menus


This is what PopDrop was designed for and is more flexible and powerful than ButtonPlus dropdowns.

Mega Menu on an isolated button on the page.


Allows full width mega menus even when the button is contained in a column or other stack. BP Dropdowns do not

How do I apply a FontPro font to a ButtonPlus Master?
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Master Styles

A ButtonPlus master style is just a class definition, the same as FontPro font vaults are.

You cannot add a class to a class and so you must use a custom selector in FontPro. (This avoids the need for Javascript and so ensures no flash of unstyled text on your page as it loads)

1. Show the custom selector in the BP Master settings.

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2.. Simply add this selector to the custom selector in Font Pro's - Font Family stack.

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Don't forget that if you change the Button Master vault number then you should change this to match.

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Button Styles

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Hover Effects

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