Menu detail matters

Details matter when making a coherent design. Chroma aids this process by making menus fit seamlessly into your pages. For positioning, layout and color control, there is no more powerful or elegant way.

The things you can do with Chroma

Scroll controlled menu colors

A single color scheme for a menu does not always fit the entire page contents. Start with a transparent background over an image header and then add color as the page is scrolled. This is just the start of what can be controlled with the Chroma stacks.

The power of markers

Because both Chroma and Chroma Pro can use markers on your page to trigger style changes, slide up effects and slide away headers. No more percentage guesswork, Chroma makes all this easy and precise. Less compromises, more polish and professionalism.

Sticky and fixed positioning

Chroma takes menu positioning to the next level. Fix at the top or the bottom, use a contained with with full width for mobile. Super smooth sticky fix operation with coordinated style and size changing.

Slide away headers

All new to Chroma, slide away headers allow an extra content area above your menu that can be hidden on scroll or by markers. Ideal for social links, site search or contact information it is quick and simple to set up an gives a unique result.

Sticky & Fixed

Chroma builds on the capabilities of ScrollUp, SlideUp and Pin, allowing much more positional control

Sticky notepad

Slide Away Headers

Slide away headers are an extra zone above the navigation that can be gracefully hidden as the page is scrolled. Ideal for search bars, social contact info or even split navigation.

Slide away headers logo

Using Markers

Markers are a powerful method to change styles on a fixed Chroma stack. Unlike using percentages, markers will always ensure the transition occurs at exactly the right point.

Marker usage logo

Slide Up Menus

Chroma has all the features of the SlideUp stack but with more control. You can also mix and match ScrollUp, SlideUp and Header scroll with ease.

Slideup usage logo

The entire examples micro-site is available to download from the Chroma product page.

About Chroma

Chroma has been in use for over 2 years on various sites under the name of ScrollUp Pro.

As the features and capabilities expanded, it was decided to rename it to reflect how different it is from the original ScrollUp stack.

Simple yet powerful

Chroma is very easy to implement but gives almost unlimited possibilities.

Chroma will work in any theme but certain features may not function in traditional themes where imposed limits on content position and width are made.