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A complete re-invention of Foundation Navigation

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Total Design

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MagicGellan and Sections offer so many design possibilites.

Easy content control with Sections Auto feature for full height Sections.

Super quick layout with content in Magic Markers or Sections.

Beautiful flexible navigation with MagicGellan auto generated Menus

MagicGellan and Sections - Designed for each other.

Magic Links & Markers

Automatic Menu Generation

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Set Marker Detection to Auto and the MagicGellan menu auto generates.

No more entering complex code or complex changes when your content changes.

Move a Marker or Section and the MagicGellan menu automatically reflects the change.

Menu Styling

Show Case

A collection of sites made by the MagicGellan Beta Testers. All are based on MagicGellan and Sections.

These are tests only and not production sites. Not all are finished but do give an idea of use cases.

Huge thanks to all the beta testers. This is been a mammoth project and the finished product is hugely better as a result of their input.

Star Wars

Justin Easthall


Gary Naylor


Adrian Turnbul


Jon Hawkins


Paul Russam

Magic Links

A Use Case Example

Magic Markers

A use case example

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Magicgellan has been a huge project, consuming several hundred hours. Together with Sections, it has taken over 3 months development.

If you find it useful it would be most appreciated if you could support the running costs of the Big White Duck project via a donation. As the stacks become more complex the cost of support and provision has had to become much more professional. Your donations pay for the digital services and other costs involved in making these stacks free at the point of delivery - they do not actually fund coffee for me :)

I very much appreciate everyone's donations so far and would encourage every one to help support this community project.